We are finally happy to show you an insight into our work and projects of the past months. Among them a LinkedIn campaign for the Finvero Group. An editorial for the Cigar Magazine. Three courses by Silvio Germann at Mammertsberg for Salz & Pfeffer magazine and again a wonderful exhibition documentation by Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld for Sabina Kohler at Je vous propose which was shown in Mousse magazine.

Cigar Magazine


Cigar is the only Swiss magazine devoted to tobacco in its noblest form. It devotes itself extensively and multifaceted to the culture of smoking and provides background information as well as close-ups of one of the world's oldest traditions of enjoyment.

Studio work


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Studio photography offers a captivating realm for creative experimentation and artistic expression. Ultimately, experimental practice in studio photography is an invitation to explore, take risks, and break free from conventional norms. It encourages photographers to venture beyond the predictable, nurturing a spirit of curiosity and innovation. By pushing the boundaries of their craft, photographers can create awe-inspiring images that captivate and challenge the viewer, offering a fresh perspective on the art of studio photography.

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
at Je vous propose




jevouspropose is a curatorial series by Sabina Kohler and accomplices. Several times a year, jevouspropose invites a personality to propose an artist with a specific group of works. The works will be installed in the space of jevouspropose, celebrated with an opening and remain on view for a while. At the same time, the respective presentation is expanded and continued in virtual space: on the jevouspropose Instagram account, the proposer and the artist will have a chat, a visual ping-pong on the works and themes on display.