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Samir Seghrouchni is a dad of two, a photographer and artist born in 1990, in Zurich. Passionate about the creative process. Before being an photographer, Samir was a chef who worked extensively in the gastronomy business. 2014 he graduated from Art school in photography and gained design skills in various disciplines. He worked as an assistant for some studios until he decides to study (BA fine Arts) at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Now he works as a Professional still life and architecture Photographer.

Ever since, he has had opportunities to expose his photography, his field of expertise, in a variety of art galleries, institutions and agencies in Switzerland. He has worked for LondonAdvertising, Mandarin Oriental Group, Allianz Cinema or NetworkPR to name a few.

As a common denominator of Samir Seghrouchni’s work one could point out his eye for the aesthetic of small things, or even the invisible, surrounding us in everyday life. The reduced works are highly ephemeral and inexplicably beautiful. His pictures radiate a mixtures of both poetry and melancholy.

Samir Seghrouchni sparks ideas and creativity. He is a highly diverse artist with a poignant sensitivity.

Judith Opferkuch


Historisches Museum Thurgau, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, AOZ Zürich, WOW Museum, ZHdK

Companies/ Organizations/
Artsnext, Xypolito Apartments, Albismetallbau GmbH,
Social Muscle Club, Atelier P3 AG, Advokatur Weinberg, Zwinglipilz GmbH,
Vincent Corver Music, CineRent AG, Sweed AG, Hans Tännler Design AG, Feuerstein Essentials Switzerland GmbH
Zobrist + Räbsamen Architektur, Studio 5K, Zwinglipilz GmbH, Chriegerin / Le Space

Food/ Gastronomy/
Oriental Mandarin Group, Cafe Blunt GmbH, Edomae GmbH, Better Taste GmbH
Farmy AG, Equitable

LondonAdvertising, Bdd Digital Comunication Lab, Convention Bureau Italia, NetworkPR, Desertina Verlag, Oberauer Verlag
CH Medien, Salz & Pfeffer

Member of netzhdk (zhdk) Zürcher Hochschule der Künste 

Member of (SBF) Schweizer Berufsfotografen und Fotodesigner